Good morning! Here now is the first episode of Speakeasy, with my guest Ty Burrell. 

Ty is as nice and friendly as he is funny. That is to say, he is very nice and friendly and also very funny. I was not trying to be slippery and intimate that Ty Burrell runs a dogfighting ring. He doesn’t! But if he did, I bet it’d be a really nice one, with passed hors d’oeuvres at each fight!

I would not blame you if you subscribed to this channel. 

So! Here is the trailer for a web series I’ll be hosting, where I chat with cool people over actual alcoholic drinks. We’ve shot a dozen of these so far and I am grateful to have been asked to host them.  I got to have interesting conversations with strangers and friends alike.

It goes live on Monday 5/7!

Internet terms!