James Bladon - Trader Joe's Adagio Opus 2
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I asked Instagram and Twitter if anyone out there who could read music would be able to tell me what the melody was that is depicted in the Sunset & Vine Trader Joe’s parking lot mural. I received many responses, mostly jokes (expected), a few “this is just gibberish”es (had a suspicion) but! A couple tries at actually playing the thing!

Here’s a response from Superego's James Bladon. This is a haunting melody! Take that, The Social Network soundtrack and that one Philip Glass song from Battlestar Galactica!

Thanks also to:

Michael Riseman

Becky Sullivan

Aaron Snoddy

Mark Forward

Matt Kalb (with lyrics)

Be sure to pick up Superego’s country album, Mount Us More by their alter egos, The Journeymen!