April 24th, 9pm: I appear on the premiere of The L.A. Complex, a series about attractive young Canadian people who travel to Los Angeles to “make it” in show business.  This, our charismatic Canucks discover, turns out to be a tall order. 

I essay the role of “Paul F. Tompkins,” a mean, sarcastic stand-up comedian. I may have worn some of my own clothing.  The editing of the trailer makes it seem as if I am attempting to crush the dreams of an actress (played by Jewel Staite) but this is not the case! I am actually attempting to crush the dreams of a fledgling stand-up comedian (played by Joe Dinicol).  Assisting me in dream crushery will be my ole pal Mary Lynn Rajskub.

This is quite a confluence of unusual elements! You should check it out.

The L.A. Complex airs on The CW.