Speakeasy Episode 11: Jason Ritter

Please enjoy my crazy chat with the pile-of-charm-in-men’s-clothing that is Jason Ritter!

Our conversation takes some unexpected twists and turns! Unless you have the gift of the second sight! In which case, pay less attention to YouTube and more attention to distracted people stepping into busy intersections!

So! Here is the trailer for a web series I’ll be hosting, where I chat with cool people over actual alcoholic drinks. We’ve shot a dozen of these so far and I am grateful to have been asked to host them.  I got to have interesting conversations with strangers and friends alike.

It goes live on Monday 5/7!

Internet terms!


Take your seats! Here are today’s podcast appearances! 

Dead Authors Chapter 7: P.G. Wodehouse

The Thrilling Adventure Hour #63: Beyond Belief

The Todd Glass Show, Episodes 35 & 36

This month’s Dead Authors features the hilarious Brian Stack as the quite elderly P.G. Wodehouse. Brian’s delightfully twisted and it was a ridiculous amount of fun to riff with him.

The latest episode of Beyond Belief, “Teenagers of The Corn,” has me and my radio wife Paget Brewster in an adventure that’s equal parts horror and TV nostalgia. I absolutely adore playing Frank Doyle opposite Paget’s Sadie, and guest stars like James Urbaniak, Simon Helberg and Josh Ritter make things extra adorable.

In two episodes of The Todd Glass Show, it’s the best of both worlds. In Episode 35, Todd and I are just some silly-ass fools. In Episode 36, Todd and I discuss getting to “100%” in terms of supporting those who do not enjoy the rights that you might enjoy. As much fun as it is to goof around with Todd, I also enjoy getting into social issues with him. It’s never about pretending to have all the answers with him; it’s about asking the questions and trying to figure things out together.

Okay. Download those and then we’ll have a free activity period. Also, it’s pizza for lunch day!