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This was my favorite Doug Loves Movies.

GO-GO! - Paul


This was my favorite Doug Loves Movies.

GO-GO! - Paul

It was so much fun to guest in character as Werner Herzog on Doug Benson’s Doug Loves Movies podcast for five episodes. Had I gotten to come back a sixth time, I would have brought this book as a prize for the winner of the game. I am not sorry that I get to keep the book.

If you read the preface of this book, you may understand why I love Werner Herzog so much.

APPEARANCE 1 with guests Chris Hardwick and Paul F. Tompkins

APPEARANCE 2 with guests Brie Larson and Jack Plotnick

APPEARANCE 3 with guests Pete Holmes and Beck Bennett

APPEARANCE 4 with guests Greg Proops and “The Retired Pope”

APPEARANCE 5 with guests Samm Levine and Simon Pegg

Gracciamabel’! It’s the entire VIDEO episode of Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast, featuring Doug Benson, The Walking Dead's Steve Yeun and "CAKE BOSS" (cakeboss)!


DOUG LOVES MOVIES: The Twelve Guests of Christmas III

I was delighted to participate in this messy, goofy nonsense. At least one of many, many visual jokes can be explained here in this post.

And plus also, here is a round of Speakeasy word association with Doug Benson that falls apart almost instantly.


Here I am with my old pal, comedian Doug Benson. He loves movies, but hates 3-D. Just in terms of movies, though, I think. Not just in general. I am pretty sure he is in favor of stuff being solid and whatever. I should have asked him, I guess.


It was my great pleasure to return to Doug Loves Movies, alongside my friends from the Pod F. Tompkast, “Cake Boss" and "Ice-T”.

Download it from iTunes here.

Podcastual Crossover! Not A Dream! Not A Hoax!

On the latest Doug Loves Movies, Doug Benson welcomes me, “Garry Marshall,” and “Andrew Lloyd Webber,” all pictured below. Listen here:

(Direct download here.)

EDIT: Yes, Person Who Writes Episode Descriptions for Doug Loves Movies, I suppose it’s fair to mention that those characters appear quite often on Comedy Bang Bang. However, if you’re gonna toss around a term like “regulars,” I’d probably say they’re regulars on THE FUCKING POD F. TOMPKAST