The Journeymen - The Season Of Giving
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The Season of Giving by The Journeymen

It’s that time of year again! Here’s the perennial classic for you and yours this holiday season.

In December of 1989, Shunt, Mutt, and the Journeymen reunited for the 41st time with legendary producer Jimmy ‘James’ Bladon. The result was a legendary charity album entitled ‘The Journeymen On Ice (And Speed).’ After a barn collapse where the tapes were stored, only one track survived. ‘The Season Of Giving’ hit the Billboard charts at 1,312 and by noon the same day was already at 1,310. Now, remixed, remastered, and remembered, the song is presented to you here, free of charge and free of apologies. God bless us, everyone.

Words and music by Matt Gourley & James Bladon (BMI)

Mutt Taylor: vocals, guitar, and banjo
Shunt McGuppin: vocals
Jimmy Blades: back up vocals, bass, drums, bells, piano, Hammond B3, keys
George Bladon: back up vocals
Charles Bladon: back up vocals
Angela Bladon: back up vocals

Produced by Jimmy Blades with Mutt Taylor

The Season of Giving ©Superego/Gourley/Bladon 2011

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