LOS ANGELES. Tuesday night.

I am out of town, but YOU should go to see EBAN SCHLETTER perform at his album release party. 

Here is Eban’s original post about it, which I am frustratingly unable to reblog:

"The next Fantastical Musicorium - Tuesday July 3rd - will be a CD release party for my new album The 21st Century Doomsday Spectacular!  We will have as a special guest the multi-talented Ronnie Butler Jr. along with our usual crew of greatness: singers Crissy Guerrero and Tracy Denisi, the golden voice of Daamen Krall, the lovely and funny Kris McGaha and the Superband: Peter Adams, Todd Spahr, Ron Sures and Forrest Robinson.  Not enough party for you?  There will be FREE BEER and we will play this song.”

Indeed, it kills me to miss this. Eban is the greatest. His is a unique talent and I am lucky to have regular access to it. I wish like Hell hat I could see this show and celebrate his work! Please go in my stead. You will not be sorry. He deserves your admiration.

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