North Carolina.

"Joe Easterling, who described himself as a devout Christian, voted for the amendment at a polling place in Wake Forest.  ’I know that some people may argue that the Bible may not necessarily be applicable, or it should not be applicable, on such policy matters. But even looking at nature itself, procreation is impossible without a man and a woman. And because of those things, I think it is important that the state of North Carolina’s laws are compatible with the laws of nature but, more importantly, with the laws of God.’”

Hey, is it at all possible that God’s Plan is for all the procreated babies that need adoption to get adopted by people who can’t procreate on their own? Like, maybe God has seen that people have been procreating a great deal indeed and then either don’t want or aren’t able to deal with the babies that result from that procreation, and God, maybe He thinks it’s a good idea to have people who can’t procreate but want to enter loving unions, (or marriages, if you will) and also want to raise and love and nurture children who have already been born but don’t have parents, maybe God thinks, “See, if these gay people are allowed to marry each other, many of them could provide stable, loving homes for all those babies that otherwise would never know such a thing.  Besides which, if gay people are allowed to marry each other, it won’t affect anyone else’s marriage in any way at all.  I mean, the only way it possibly could is that if you tell a stranger you’re married, it’s plausible that they may ask if your spouse is the same sex as you, but being God, I built a failsafe into that question so that it isn’t fatal to the person of whom it is asked.”

My point is, if you believe in God, maybe give Him a little bit of credit, because odds are, He’s SMARTER THAN YOU.  

UPDATE: I did not mean to implicate all of North Carolina with the title of this post. I will let an actual North Carolinian put it better than I probably ever could:

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    North Carolina. “Joe Easterling, who described himself as a devout Christian, voted for the amendment at a polling place...
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