Hear ye hear ye. On April 1st, starting at 9pm PST, I will live-tweet the season premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO. Last week, I watched the entire first season in two days. Prior to that, I’d seen only the first episode when it premiered last year, not knowing how I felt about what I was seeing, but knowing I needed to go away and think about it for a while.

Now I am all caught up and into it. I am not into the books, and I am old enough to have earned the right to say I don’t need to read them and never, ever will (despite some nerd in my life* trying to talk me into them).  I am fine to have the story boiled down to story-length and not be informed of the type of thread that is used in sewing together everybody’s jerkins.

If you are a fan of the show and are worried about spoilers, I understand if you need to unfollow me for that hour, but if it eases your mind, I promise you that my commentary will not really give away any actual plot points. I’ll just be goofin’ a little.

So there you have it! You have been alerted and/or warned! Join me or don’t! But know that I can’t wait to join all our old pals:

The Queen of Mean!


The Murderous Tomboy!

Ye Statione Agente!


That One, and Him!

Private Flounder!


Fakey Shakey!

Count Seasonthree of The Wireton!

11th Hour Annoying Lady!

Lady Strawhead & Uggie!

Betty Draper’s Brother!

Harvey Dent!

I am well aware of the fact that no one has asked me to do this or wants me to do this.

*Click here and scroll down to the bottom.

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    IF ONLY THERE WERE SOME WAY to live-cast this live-tweet during our show in Chicago. ALSO: READ THE BOOKS, PAUL.
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