I was thrilled to appear on Episode 30 of The Todd Glass Show, the podcast that has comedian Todd Glass doing a show. Be on the hear-out (it’s an audio podcast) for a new character with the most impenetrably generic foreign accent you’ve likely ever heard.

Todd is an old pal from Philadelphia and one of my favorite comedians of all time. He was a few years ahead of me when I started stand-up, and from him I learned how important being in the moment is for a performer at a time when most of the “role models” in my comedy community were doing their acts by rote night after night.  Watching Todd, I was always— and still am— reminded that comedy is supposed to be fun.

Here is a direct download.

Todd-zel Tov!

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  2. daviddesprez said: Another great show! You and Todd together are always a treat. Can’t wait for part 2. As always, many thanks for all the amazing comedy that you’ve been giving to the world. Your hard work does not go unappreciated.
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    Loved this episode and can’t wait for part II. Especially because he can’t tape a new episode next week because he’ll be...
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    Listen to it!
  10. tjaxkson said: "…comedy is supposed to be fun." Hear hear!
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