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Yes, That Levi: Best live theater of 2012leviweinhagen.com

An extremely kind and thoughtful review from Levi Weinhagen, accompanied by a photo only somewhat more recent than the one on the original site. - Paul


I wrote about my favorite live show from the past year for the magazine Minnesota Playlist


The best live performance I saw this year was a night of stand-up comedy by Paul F. Tompkins at the Parkway Theater this past May.

I feel bad writing that my favorite piece of live theater…

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Episode 18 of our podcast is NOW AVAILABLE!

Aaron takes a ride at a questionably hygienic water park, Janie takes a stand for gender specific nouns, and the duo struggle to let autocorrect do the talking. Plus, what’s more worthless: male empowerment groups or those guys that direct you to open spaces in parking garages?

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Caissie's Thing: Share if you support the troops!caissiesthing.tumblr.com


Hi friends! I see many of you often post pictures that you ask us to “Share if you support the troops!” It’s a nice reminder to be grateful to the men and women who risk their lives to protect us. But, while it is certainly pleasant, in truth, it probably doesn’t do much more than to…

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Episode 16 of our podcast is NOW AVAILABLE!

Aaron suggests some truly unorthodox options for a hostess gift, Janie is recruited by the Scientologists, and the duo’s very friendship is threatened when they attend an SMU Theatre alumni event together. Plus, does a “French Goodbye” include tongue and is “salsa” an appropriate condiment to have out at party?

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The Apple Sisters Coming Out with Short Film w/Paul F. Tompkins


Ring! Ring! Ring! is a short film that the wonderful Apple Sisters are currently running through the film festival circuit, so we just get a trailer for now. Still, there’s lots of promise for this short with Candy, Cora, and Seedy and a bean eating Paul F. Tompkins.

I adore these talented young ladies! - Paul

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